18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Spirits 3.4 oz

by 18.21

  • 80.00

A masculine aroma inspired by sweet Virginia pipe tobacco.

The roaring spirit of swanky Prohibition era speak easy lounges. Leaves a lasting impression.

Features: Includes notes of citrus, spicy saffron and dried fruit, which mellow during the dry down to reveal notes of manuka honey, dark toned vanilla and tonka bean to sweeten the touch of tobacco, exotic woods and powdery musk that round out the base.

Depth, longevity and sillage from a rich complex mixture of nearly 30 oils. Parfum grade. 20% oil blend. 80% denatured alcohol. No water. Pride of ownership.

How To Use:

  1. Spray 1 to 2 mists from the atomizer directly to the skin near the pulse points. A little goes a long way.
  2. Add multiple mists to a warm, damp towel prior to facilitating a warm towel service for a guest.

Benefits: 10-12 hour projection. Transcends gender. Niche barrel house. Made in small batches. Glass bottle with fine mist atomizer.

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