Cremo Original Shave Cream Classic 6 oz

by Cremo

  • 7.00

Original concentrated formula.

A subtle citrus scent for a highly bright, fresh, and enjoyable shave.

Features: Impossibly slick formula fights nicks, irritation, and razor burn. Gives you a close, comfortable shave. Leaves skin astonishingly soft and smooth.

    How To Use: This Cream is unique: please read!

    1. Rub skin with hot water for 30 seconds (in shower works best or use a hot towel).
    2. Cremo Shave Cream is highly concentrated and water activated. So, lightly coat skin with an almond-sized squeeze and let plenty of water mix with it. Less if often best.
    3. Shave. Add water as needed to make & keep it slippery, effective and easy to rinse from razor.
    4. Massage back into skin you want to re-shave.

    Benefits: Cremo is an exceptional shave cream. Why? Many shave "creams" and gels are foamy formulas full of air - not the best lubricant. Cremo requires one unusually thin, foam-free layer. It's concentrated against your skin, not in a cloud that gets scraped down the drain.

    Cremo contains unique molecules that become impossibly slick when mixed with water, so your blade can glide effortlessly over skin. You'll enjoy a clean, comfortable shave and astonishingly smooth skin while fighting nicks, razor burn and irritation.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Best shave I've ever had!

      I tend to get a lot of nicks and small cuts when I shave, so I thought why not try something different? I prefer shaving gels to shaving creams, but no matter what brand I used I would still have the same issues.

      I initially was going to try buying some "shave butter", but I thought why not try something new. I have rarely been disappointed by highly rated products.

      Anyway, I finally tried this shave cream last night and it was great. All of the shave creams i have used before were the foaming ones. This one is more like a thick paste, like the consistency of soft clay almost, though it really softens up and dissolves once it comes into contact with water. Once you rub it into your face it creates this really slick lubricating layer that protects your skin really well. The first time I used it I got 0 cuts, and one of the closest shaves I've ever had.

      Unlike foaming creams and gels which get all over the place, this was very easy to apply, and even if it doesn't look like you have that much on when you feel your face you can feel that slick layer.