Layrite Cement Clay 4.25 oz

by Layrite

  • 19.00

High hold, matte finish, water soluble.

Layrite's strongest holding product. It works by binding individual hairs together to thicken and shape. Stays in place all day. Washes out easily with water.

Features: Layrite Cement controls frizz and gives definition and separation when warmed and applied lightly. To control cowlicks and frizz, smear a tiny amount on the end handle of a rat-tail comb and “brush” down stubborn areas. It’s extremely strong hold is perfect for people who like to “mess with” their hair all day. Its subtle hint of shine gives your hair a more natural appearance than most other matte products.

How To Use: The drier the hair, the higher the hold.

  1. Rub a small amount thoroughly between palms until product softens / warms. (this may take up to 10-20 seconds)
  2. Distribute evenly through damp or dry hair and style / shape as desired.
  3. Run fingers through hair to reshape - no water needed.
  4. Rinses out easily with shampoo and water.

Benefits: Layrite creates high performance products for traditional men's grooming in the 21st century. It is how we achieve our mission to passionately help people, barbers, and communities look good, do good, and feel great.

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Customer Reviews

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I've been in the hair industry for 10 years and I would consider my product knowledge to be extensive. I know a good one when I come across it.

This product isn't meant to be used for 'slick' styles. It's a very firm and thick hair cream...after all, it is called CEMENT.

I put this product in AFTER I blow dry my hair in to place. Putting this product in when it is dry enables it to deliver the most optimum results, I feel.

If you're after a textured/matte look with volume, I'd highly recommend using a blow dryer. This product almost 'activates' itself when I put it in post blow drying. I don't use much, at all. The blow dryer does the work for me but I have unruly thick Italian hair and adding this very strong product works wonders and gives the PERFECT amount of hold. It doesn't move at all throughout the day, and I still have an amazingly natural, full bodied look that I don't have to fuss with at all.

That being said, use this product for its intended purpose...and it will deliver.