Layrite Natural Matte Cream 4.25 oz

by Layrite

  • 18.00

Medium hold, matte finish with vanilla scent.

Lightweight, water-based shaping cream. Easy to apply for flexible all-day hold. Good for a whole range of styles from easy and laid-back to more defined.

Features: The subtle hints of our mild vanilla signature scent throughout the day will remind you of how put together you look, even without a mirror. Guys with thicker hair can use it to achieve a very flexible put together style

How To Use: Natural Matte is extremely versatile. Work your fingers through your hair for a more natural look or use a comb for a neater, more defined look.

For a softer, pliable, and easy going natural look, apply to wet hair.

For more control and firmer finish, apply to dry hair.

    1. Apply a small amount, known as a dab, to palms.
    2. Distribute evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired.
    3. Wet comb or fingers and run through hair to restyle anytime.
    4. Rines out with water alone.

    Benefits: Layrite creates high performance products for traditional men's grooming in the 21st century. It is how we achieve our mission to passionately help people, barbers, and communities look good, do good, and feel great.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Smells amazing, works great.

    Honestly, my favorite part of this product is the smell. It smells like coconuts and dreams.

    Smell aside, the cream itself works great. It has a good amount of hold and a nice matte texture, provided you don't work too much into one area. Using too much causes hair to clump together and get shiny, but that's not a problem unique to this cream.

    It's able to mostly tame my extreme cowlick, which is pretty impressive, as long as my hair is a tad bit damp. Working it into dry hair does nothing for the cowlick, unfortunately.