Star Wax Premium Pomade Crystal 5 oz

by Star Wax

  • 25.00

Strongest, pliable hold with shiny finish.

The super hold version of the Original formula. Star Wax Crystal features a shiny finish, along with a high quality, luxurious fragrance.

Features: We started with the unique water based, jojoba enriched Star Wax Original pomade, and modified it to create a thicker texture that provides more control, enabling our clients to achieve a greater variety of styles. Most importantly, Crystal achieves a superior hold while maintaining the same water soluble properties of Star Wax Original that make it easy to wash off. Similar to Original, Crystal’s hold is pliable, making it suitable for multiple restyles. We added grape seed extract to complement the therapeutic jojoba essence, resulting in a powerful, lightweight moisturizing system.

Star Wax Crystal is extremely strong compared to ordinary water based products. It actually remains elastic, even after it dries. Many styling products make your hair brittle when they dry out, but Star Wax maintains its firm hold without making your hair feel hard and inflexible. In fact, you can even restyle your hair throughout the day without affecting Star Wax’s hold. Star Wax’s long-lasting holding power will easily survive multiple restyles.

How To Use:

  1. Grab a small amount of POMADE and work between palms.
  2. Apply POMADE to dry hair using your fingers, comb or a brush.
  3. Try adding POMADE directly to your comb and comb through hair for increased definition.
  4. Shape to your liking.
  5. Adding POMADE directly to dry hair offers the most grip and shaping.
  6. Add more POMADE to add grip and increase hold.
  7. Blow dry for a shiny finish and controlled hold.

Benefits: Unlike most ordinary styling products available for consumers, Star Wax is a professional grade product that was originally designed to address the specific needs of hair stylists. Star Wax was developed to provide hair stylists with a strong hold, high shine product that could be easily rinsed off by the client after application. Most high hold, high shine styling products are based on greasy compounds, making them difficult to rinse off. Conversely, water-based solutions that rinse off easily rarely provide an extremely strong hold. Moreover, ordinary high hold styling products often leave the hair brittle, making it impossible to restyle. Star Wax was conceived as the solution to these problems: a water based, easy to rinse formula that maintains a strong hold while remaining elastic, with the added therapeutic benefits provided by jojoba extract.