Star Wax Premium Pomade Toffee 5 oz

by Star Wax

  • 35.00

Moderate, pliable hold with natural shine.

Moderate hold, natural shine pomade. Toffee has been formulated to be slightly water-resistant yet easy to rinse, with an invigorating, memorable fragrance.

Features: Toffee contains carefully selected polymers combined with unique natural moisturizers including jojoba, sweet almond, and Dead Sea water, resulting in a distinctive consistency that strikes just the right balance of hold and shine. This intricate blend has been refined multiple times to ensure its compatibility with a wide variety of hair types. Maintains outstanding pliability since the compound is easy to manipulate. We designed the formula with a paraben-free preservative system, left out harmful short-chain alcohols, and enriched it with Vitamin E for its superior antioxidant properties.

The use of jojoba in a styling product is quite unique. Jojoba has been known for centuries as an ideal moisturizer and conditioner of the skin, hair, and scalp. Unlike other natural moisturizers, jojoba’s chemical structure mimics the human skin’s own sebum, except that jojoba does not clog pores and exhibits antimicrobial properties. Jojoba is also hypoallergenic and non-greasy, and contains many essential vitamins and minerals.

As one of the key ingredients in Star Wax’s proprietary formula, jojoba serves as a powerful scalp and hair moisturizer. It penetrates deeply into the scalp and hair shaft and balances the skin’s production of sebum. When sebum production is too low, your hair may look and feel brittle, dull, and weak. Jojoba will recondition the hair follicles and shafts, keeping them optimally moisturized. When sebum production is too high, your hair follicles may become blocked and your hair may become dry and breakable. Jojoba will dissolve the excess sebum and other scalp buildup, allowing your hair follicles and pores to function properly.

How To Use:

  1. Grab a small amount of POMADE and work between palms.
  2. Apply POMADE to dry hair using your fingers, comb or a brush.
  3. Try adding POMADE directly to your comb and comb through hair for increased definition.
  4. Shape to your liking.
  5. Adding POMADE directly to dry hair offers the most grip and shaping.
  6. Add more POMADE to add grip and increase hold.
  7. Blow dry for a shiny finish and controlled hold.

Benefits: Unlike most ordinary styling products available for consumers, Star Wax is a professional-grade product that was originally designed to address the specific needs of hair stylists. Star Wax was developed to provide hair stylists with a strong hold, high shine product that could be easily rinsed off by the client after application. Most high hold, high shine styling products are based on greasy compounds, making them difficult to rinse off. Conversely, water based solutions that rinse off easily rarely provide an extremely strong hold. Moreover, ordinary high hold styling products often leave the hair brittle, making it impossible to restyle. Star Wax was conceived as the solution to these problems: a water based, easy to rinse formula that maintains a strong hold while remaining elastic, with the added therapeutic benefits provided by jojoba extract.

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